November Work

Working through a few more of these large canvasses, I’ve had to start placing some of them on the floor in order to reach some of the uppermost parts of the canvas, especially on “Yellow Study.”

Roberts Street Chapel No. 8 – video

I wanted to represent the latest Chapel painting, and you can imagine the difficulty – the proportions are wildly wide – 6 feet high by 55 feet wide.  Trying out a video to give a better feel.  We’ll be using this on some of my online profiles, too.

Blast from the 90s

Blast from the 90s


The other day I came across a Kodak CD dated 1997.  After some conversion work, I am able to use these on my site.  The CD contained over 100 images, all work that I’ve done with acrylic on paper.  Many of these are no longer in my possession, so its nice to see.


Watercolors always close at hand

Recent Pen and Watercolors

Often if I’m traveling, or I’m just at home, I’ll pick up a brush and work through a watercolor.  These are a few of my latest.  “Every medium changes the expression of my work.  The drama, the style, the work; it changes.  Watercolors are an important part of my artistic endeavor, filling the interstices of my life.”