Thank you for visiting my site.  Its one of the several sites that I am managing.  This one is meant to be the central site which showcases my artistic endeavours.

My career spans back to the 70’s, but I am only showing some of my most recent work on this site.  I enjoy much of my earlier work, but, I suspect, like other artists, I enjoy what I’m working on presently.  I have another site that I consider my catalog raissonee.  On this other site, which I consider my management site, I have a catalog of all of my works that are in my possession or in the possession of friends or relatives.

I have never considered the sale of my work to be important for my career, and instead, have placed my personal emphasis on the creation of my artwork.  Yes, I have completed several commissioned pieces and I’ve ‘let go’ of several for the benefit of charitable auctions, but I have been fortunate to have not felt the practicable and compelling need to sell my art.


In concert with my museum show at the Plains Art Museum, we published a book with a forward by Christina Schmid, who was Director of the Plains Art Museum at that time.  She has a site dedicated to her criticisms, and has an article on Marjorie Schlossman’s work.